I'll never capitalize cancer

I have alot going on in my life, more than just cancer and chemo. Sure it's a big part of my life right now, but it's not the most important part of my life. You will never see me spell it with a capital "c".

I'm a Wife and Mom. I love my Family. I have good Friends. We do fun stuff and dumb stuff and sometimes we argue and then we laugh again. We go to work and to the grocery store and we go swimming and have birthday parties and get ready for the first day of school.

I keep saying that I don't want ovarian cancer to define me, but sometimes I just can't help it.

A good friend put it this way for me "cancer may be defining your life for the moment, but it is not your entire life. You seem to just make time for it." That made me feel better.

If you want to see it from the beginning, my cancer story begins in March.

The rest of my story is happening now.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Neighbors

Have been wonderful. They have kept my garden lovely. Actually, it looks better than ever. They bring me homemade soups and casseroles and watch Abby when I have to run a quick errand. One woman even cut my hair so that it will not be so weird when it starts to fall out.

Today, a couple of them showed up with a fabulous card that had been signed by just about everyone in our complex. In the envelope with the card was an incredible amount of cash.

Where will I ever find the words to say "Thank You" or express how that makes me feel. Brian & I are just blown away by the genuine good spirit and generosity of the people around us.